Modest As Cake

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Today's News

AP headline:

"Pfizer: Viagra Doesn't Cause Blindness"

Sunday, June 26, 2005

The end end.

End of capitalism...

End of the parade...

... Note that Americans have once again tarnished the image of Paris. Viva les Scientologues! Viva les delusionelles!

Brooklyn's most recent homage to France...

And finally, a definitive answer to that age-old question, "Who's Your Daddy?"

Award for Most Thorough Costume. Let's leave it at: he went into a lot of detail that you can't see here.

Cutest family on Coney Island, Saturday. Dog is clearly contemplating how to ditch the paper hat thing, but seemed to enjoy being backpacked everywhere.

I think they are "Triton's Titans." I'm unclear about why some of them wore pineapples on their heads.

Also Saturday, Coney Island: the FDNY rates and documents parade-goers. What could rate only a six?

Mermaid Parade, Saturday, Coney Island. Where to begin? Here: a caption contest for this photo. My current favorite in the running: "Bob Denver contemplates his own mortality." And yes, the skulls' jaws work. And no, grass skirts don't provide much coverage, do they?

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The MTA is bracing for June 26, when two special events attendees meet underground: Billy Graham Crusaders meet Gay and Lesbian Pride marchers. Hum along with the Sharks and Jets!

Bowery Poetry Club, Manhattan, Tuesday night. Steve Dalachinsky cuts loose with video and musical riffing. "We are all born astonished."

Buddha behind bars, at Zuzu's Petals, Park Slope, Tuesday.

Dogs across the street from theatre that showed Batman Begins. Dogs should have served as warning. The directing seemed to prevent genuine human interactions from being captured on screen.

Park Slope Undertaker window, Saturday night.

The Urban Archaeology mermaid, Manhattan, Saturday.

Larger view of people at the Mudfish party, Saturday.

The most adorable dog, begging at the cheese and crackers table, Mudfish journal release party, Jill Hoffman, editor. Franklin Street, Manhattan, Saturday.

More "Like" sightings (see 6/16 and 6/12)... This one at a gallery on Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn.

More sunset in Brooklyn, Saturday.

A giant rainbow piece of art by Bill Coffel, Monster Gallery. See rainbow casino and tahoe rainbow for comparison (6/12, 6/11).

Hard to believe Bill Coffel has never opened a gallery before. Monster Gallery, Saturday. I've never seen kreplach at an opening. He had four-foot-long subs also.

The amazing JoAnne McFarland (center) at her art opening on Saturday, Monster Gallery, Fourth Avenue in Park Slope. She paints, she publishes poetry, she is a powerhouse.

One of those rare moments when Brooklyn has West Coast light. Sun setting on Second Street, Park Slope, Saturday.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Here's Chrissy's description of the blanket. It's a Pendleton, no kidding.

Ahhh, back in Brooklyn. A little movie-watching ("Layer Cake" with its 70% incoherent British dialect) at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), and a little art auction at same. Here, Chrissy Conant offers a homeland security blanket.

Are we there yet? New Jersey gas station infestation. Crunchy, very slippery bugs. I was told they are mayflies, and only live a few hours. The local birds were ecstatic.

Children playing at a rest stop, 11 pm, Ohio. This is what we mean by "family vacation."

Dizzy Dragons at a rest stop in Ohio. Note to self: take long rest til dragons disappear.

Dunno what's up with all the "like"s I saw. Here's Jim Like's Trucking, from Iowa, on I-80. Full of cattle, I think.

The Other Brooklyn. In Ohio. They have soft-serve ice cream and Truckers' New Testament Bibles -- free!

If you ever wondered where fire hydrants really come from... it's I-80, Ohio.

Monday, June 13, 2005

After. Like two minutes after.

The Apocalypse apparently is a frequent feature in Iowa. The sky actually boiled like a scene from Independence Day. Note in this Before shot, there is no rain under the boiling sky.

and ends with "Amen." on the last tire. The whole thing reads: Jesus / I am a sinner / Come into / my heart / save me / change me. / Amen. I hope the poor guy gets some relief from his personal hell.

Uh oh. Leaving Nebraska, heading east, a call for legislative action, and a prayer. It starts... "Jesus" on the first tire...

Grant Wood would be proud, I'm sure, that the local artist kept his gothic theme. Still Nebraska.

And more Indians. Not the most respectful treatment of native americans, making them out of barbed wire with what looks like tin clothing. Soon, out of Nebraska.

More buffalo. I was assured by the guide at the Sod House that this buffalo was made out of several miles of barbed wire. Not climbing this one.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Little America, Wyoming. Yes, the beloved Sinclair Oil dinosaur is still alive and well here.

On their way to Missouri. The woman who owns them said "Talk to the little boy -- he's so cute. He loves it when you talk to him." Debunking the "baaa" myth, turns out they say "mehhehhh".

Bonneville Flats, Utah. Probably left by Vince Gallo during the filming of Brown Bunny.

Continuing the rainbow theme, a clear improvement on the natural phenomenon, appealing to anyone who played with or cleaned up Transformers, Robots in Disguise.

Nevada, Saturday morning: a graphic representation of the concept "zillion": like a Far Side comic of doomed bugs heeding the siren call to "go towards the light."

Saturday, June 11, 2005

An actual rainbow, Tahoe, yesterday. The California one looks more fictionalized.

Compare and discuss... An actual rainbow, Upstate New York, from a month ago... and

Time to fill up on gasoline... and Flut, of course. Western Nevada, Friday night.

You know it's time to find a rest stop when a portable climbing wall looks like nougat. Tahoe, Friday.

Friday, June 10, 2005

The trip starts here, in Santa Cruz CA. Drive east for about 2,976.4 miles. Begin.